The five lessons of The Simpsons on money

Los Simpson

The Simpsons is one of the most successful series in the recent history of television. The family of yellow dolls has been on the grill for more than 20 years and renewed to continue entertaining the audience with curious lessons that have a much more serious background than many times think.

The MBA portal has echoed an Excelsior publication to, among all the lessons, compile the five economic conclusions that can help people who enjoy the fiction of a better management of their fortune.




The five lessons of The Simpsons:

1- Deciding without thinking is expensive:

This example looks very good in the chapter in which Bart, the oldest son in the family, wants to get a tattoo for ten dollars. The boy, who does not have the permission of his parents, decides to get a tattoo, so when Homer and Marge find out, spend the family’s savings for Christmas to erase the tattoo of the charismatic yellow skin of this character.

2- Be honest with the economic situation:

This example, like the previous one, occurs in the first chapter. Homer, the head of the family, learns that he will not receive the extra pay and decides not to comment at home, so he has to look for additional work so that the family does not notice that he has received less money.

3- The importance of medical insurance:

In this case, the events take place in a chapter in which Homer has a heart problem and needs a transplant, according to the MBA. By not having adequate medical insurance, the father goes to a doctor who does not inspire much confidence.

Image result for the simpsons on money4- Do not spend what you do not have:

This is another of the great lessons that holds the successful series, which has 27 seasons. The lesson concludes from a chapter in which Moe, the bartender at the bar who frequents Homer, falls in love with a woman. But, to conquer it, he needs money, so he asks Homer to steal his car to collect the insurance compensation.

5- Do not mix families and businesses:

In one of the chapters, Homer discovers an unknown and millionaire brother. The new relative that appears in the series wants to satisfy Homer and allows him to design a car, which is a fiasco that ends up ruining his company.