Our favorite Christmas movies

Image result for christmas movie marathonChristmas is the time to be with the family, long dinners and parties surrounded by relatives, relaxation at home wrapped in a pleasant Christmas atmosphere … and what better time to have fun, be moved, get excited in front of a good movie? We are sure that each of you has in your memories one or more films that recall the period of the Holidays … today we will tell you what are ours !

Miracle in 34 street

For years now this film is part of my Christmas, even without wanting I can always see it on television during the holidays. It has become a regular appointment as a lunch or dinner with the family. Although the plot is not anything special I like it because it helps to believe in dreams.

Love Actually

A light comedy composed of an interweaving of stories of 10 characters. The period in which they are set is just the one before Christmas and the atmosphere that evokes is perfect for this time of the year … and then, who does not get emotional at least a little ‘in front of the scene of the declaration of love Mark Juliet ?

Home alone – Mom, I lost my plane

I can imagine Christmas without a tree more easily than without Kevin ! And, if you have not had enough, for New Year’s Eve I recommend the second part when the kid is alone in New York. Last year in Poland, the TV had decided not to broadcast it, but when half the country rebelled, they changed their mind!

The Ten Commandments – The 10 commandments

The film was the first true example of blockbuster and remained famous for the spectacular (for the era) special effects. Recommended for lovers of poignant stories and biblical plots. It is definitely a beautiful brick ! They transmit it every Christmas, for about 50 years …


Although the plot of the film is not Christmas, BIG is a film that reminds you to keep alive the child that everyone carries within himself . It would be nice if they did not change the values ​​we had at the time of elementary school.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

It is perfect for everyone, from children to the elderly, and a cult for Tim Burton fans. The soundtrack is beautiful and I also like it because without a doubt it is a different film from all the other Christmas classics .

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SOS ghosts

For me, a Christmas without Bill Murray is not a Christmas. Any option is valid: Acchiappafantasmi, Rewarding, Moonrise Kingdom … However, there is a film that is simply perfect for these dates: it’s the brilliant “Los fantasmas atacan al jefe” (SOS ghosts). A funny satire of the “Christmas Song” , in which Murray is an unpleasant, ungrateful and implacable president of a TV chain that receives, on the evening of Christmas Eve, the visit of 3 curious characters that will change the way you see the Christmas. Ideal to have a laugh and bring out the best Christmas spirit that everyone keeps hidden somewhere.

Edward scissor hands

My favorite director for this time of year is undoubtedly Tim Burton. Among his films, what I love most is surely “Edward Scissor Hands”, with Johnny Depp (director’s fetish actor) in the title role. Edward is the result of the invention of an old scientist who dies without being able to finish his work, leaving the boy with 2 scissors instead of hands. When people discover it, only in the estate of its inventor, try to turn it into a grotesque local celebrity, going against its shy and discreet nature. I will not tell you the ending, but I guarantee you that it is a film full of sensibility capable of pulling out a tear to anyone at this time of year !

The Grinch

It seems to me a very sweet story because it manages to convince those who watch it that even the most grumpy and negative person can be happy. And that even the coldest heart can heat up.

The Neverending Story

This film reminds me of childhood , when I was little I looked at it with my mother every Christmas and this is why every year I love to see him again.

Mrs. Doubtfire

For me this film is suitable for all types of public, it is beautiful to see in the family and entertained thanks to the sympathy that characterized Robin Williams . I remember seeing this film many times and always at Christmas and today like yesterday it always reminds me of good memories.

An armchair for two

As for me, the choice falls on a classic Christmas comedy that has for years now been the background of my Christmas Eve dinner with the family … it is a chair for two , with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. The story is quite obvious (two Philadelphia financiers bet they will be able to exchange the lives of their dolphin and a fraudulent beggar.The second will become a magician of finance and the first a poor man) and the jokes do not even laugh anymore, but more that because of the value of the film, I like it because it reminds me of many special evenings!

Finally, we can not forget other Christmas classics with a timeless appeal :

  • Polar Express (animation, Robert Zemeckis, 2004)
  • The Gremlins (fantasy, Joe Dante, 1984)
  • The Goonies (adventure, Richard Donner, 1985)
  • Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory (fantasy, Mel Stuart, 1971)
  • A Christmas Carol (fantasy, Robert Zemeckis, 2001)
  • Babbo bastardo (comedy, Terry Zwigoff, 2003)

And you, what are the films you associate most with Christmas?