Loans for students WITHOUT payroll

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Cashera (Money without payroll)

With Cashera a student who does not have a salary can put something in the form of “commitment” and have the money immediately, with the possibility, of having a certain period to recover that object, thanks to the recoverable sale.

Banco Santander (With family or own payroll)

Banco Santander is one of the most complete banks in terms of financing for students. They have 5 different types of student loans.

  • Total career loan: a loan that includes the payment of the tuition of the university and the stay. The loan can be up to € 80,000 and with terms of up to 10 years.
  • Advance scholarship : if they have given you a scholarship, but they have not yet admitted you, they have the advance scholarship service, with which they can have it before their time. The early amortization fee is 0% . That means that when you collect the scholarship, you can return the money without paying penalties. It is necessary to go back the scholarship in terms of up to 12 months.
  • Loans for doctorates : with a financing of up to € 60,000 and a maximum of 60 months to repay.
  • Financing for exchanges or Erasmus: up to € 18,000 and with a maximum term of 48 months, to return the amount financed.
  • Financing for related expenses : how to pay digital devices or stay expenses.
  • Discounts : users with less than 30 years of age, do not have to pay maintenance fees for the bank account or card.

Dineria – With family or own payroll.

Dineria has available the young loan, with which you can access up to € 30,000 loan and with a maximum of 60 months to return. It is not available for students without payroll, that’s why, it is necessary that a relative, put his payroll as endorsement.

Zimus (Students with temporary payroll)

They are small quick credits , for students or any type of public, the first loans, usually give them without interest . It is necessary to show some monthly income, although these have to be repaid in 30 days . If a relative charges a payroll, you can endorse the loan with your income. These types of loans are so small, they are destined to very urgent expenses or specific whims .

Credisera (Students with temporary work)

A quick loan financing of up to € 300 to be repaid in 30 days , in which students who have a temporary job, can get approved and enjoy that money in a very short time.

In small and newly created financial institutions, access to credit for new clients is usually easier, although the amounts are usually considerably much smaller.