Intelligent refrigerators: when refrigerators do much more than cool

Having modern appliances at home makes it much easier for those who bet on them. The evolution of the materials used in the manufacture of these basic apparatuses for the day to day has been important, but it has also been important the evolution that have suffered in terms of automation .

The refrigerators have gone from being mere “boxes with the possibility of cooling” to becoming smart refrigerators able to connect to the Internet and interact with us even if we are not at home.

The evolution of any kitchen

Not many years ago, a refrigerator of the highest quality was an appliance that was limited to cool , to freeze also if it was a combi, and, at best, to combat the accumulation of frost in their compartments. Little by little they began to introduce more advanced elements such as digital indicators, electronic elements to improve consumption, and even the ability to vary the temperature by zones.

Today a refrigerator can be literally smart : automatically measure the temperature and humidity of your drawers and adjust it, incorporate acoustic alarms in case we forget the open door, have a holiday mode to reduce consumption and, in really special cases, connect to the network and notify us of changes in our smartphone.

Many of the existing refrigeration firms in the great variety available at El Corte Inglés add to their models unique technologies that help their users in ways that for years we would simply think of as an element of pure science fiction.

Let’s review the technological advances that include some of the brands of refrigerators that you can find in El Corte Inglés:


  • Simply Fi: Technology that allows to interact between the device and the user . It is only necessary to download a free application and have a mobile device (smartphone, tablet …).
  • Info System: The App monitors the proper functioning of the device, informs you in case of problems with a clear explanation of the problem, also providing practical advice on how to solve problems before contacting the technical service.


  • No Frost: It is no longer necessary to defrost the refrigerator , thanks to the bimetallic thermostat and the timer, No Frost refrigerators do not need to defrost food and have a cleaner interior, avoiding frost.
  • Twin Cooling: System of cold technology that controls each of the refrigeration and freezing compartments completely independently with an evaporator and a fan for each compartment.
  • Compressor Inverter: The electronics are capable of detecting the food load of each compartment and adjust the speed of the compressor according to the needs. This supposes a lower consumption of power improving the efficiency and a reduction of the noise of the device.


  • 6th Sense Fresh Control: With temperature and humidity sensors . Keep your food fresh up to 4 times longer.
  • LED Starlight: Superior lighting for an interior light 2 times brighter and energy consumption 4 times lower.


  • Holiday Mode: Keeps the refrigerator with the degree of cold necessary to preserve it from odors (it is activated with the refrigerator closed and off, and the freezer working).
  • Frost Control: Helps determine the quality and duration of frozen products after a power cut.
  • FrostSafe: The FrostSafe system generates cold above and below each drawer. Thus, it is not necessary to change frozen products from one drawer to another, because each one serves both to freeze fresh products and to store them.
  • MagicEye: The MagicEye digital display clearly informs about the operating status of the device. Around this central element are grouped the new control keys. This makes its use even clearer, simpler and more comfortable.

The future automation in refrigerators

Firms continue to advance in research and development to equip their new refrigerators with special functions . Samsung, LG and Whirpool have shown the progress they are making with these appliances at the most famous technology fairs.

LG is committed to a feature called HomeChat , which allows users of their appliances to communicate with them using orders or questions through a messaging application installed on their smartphones, as if they were real people. They may know the expiration of food or the number of foods available.

Samsung, meanwhile, uses refrigerators with integrated Wi-Fi, a digital touch screen and even microphones and speakers that will allow you to receive calls , watch TV on your screen, listen to music, view recipes and even order online.

Whirpool bets for something similar in its appliances. Your refrigerators will communicate with your users using an application installed on a smartphone or tablet, indicating the inventory of existing products, suggesting recipes and even programming the cooking requirements of these recipes in the brand’s smart ovens.