Ideas for ordering the corner of the iron in little space

Until you are emancipated you do not realize how important it is to have a place where you can wash and iron your clothes . Television and cinema have sold us the fantasy of those huge houses with laundry rooms as big as a living room, but, let’s face it, few real houses in big cities can afford it.

Should we give up having the ironing zone organized? On the contrary, you just have to apply a little creativity and make the most of all the possibilities offered by technology to facilitate domestic tasks. Write down these ideas to have a corner of the iron even in the smallest spaces.

1. How to store the laundry

Until the clothes are ironed, folded and stored, the laundry is a chaos unless we store it well. If you can not banish it to another room, what you do need are good laundry baskets . Nothing looks worse at home than dirty clothes thrown on either side: invest in a beautiful basket that fits the decoration of the bathroom or bedroom, totally opaque.

The ideal is to have the children’s clothes separated in their own basket, or have at least two different ones for the colored and white clothes. Also do not forget the baskets for clean laundry; there are beautiful designs with very cheerful colors, fabric or wicker, which can also be decorated with washi tape, artificial flowers or your personal touch.

Try to order the laundry by removing it from the dryer or picking it up from the clothesline ; It will save you work later. Paired socks, work clothes on one side, sports on the other, the most delicate fabrics apart … and do not throw everything to the basket in any way, you will only create new wrinkles. Bet on folding clotheslines or with adjustable rails if you have very little room.

If you are not going to iron immediately you can hide the laundry in a closet or on the washing machine, although it is preferable not to let too much time pass between one task and another. If instead of baskets you use nice cloth bags , you can hang them on the wall where you have the washing machine, in the bathroom or in a closet door.

2. Where to store the iron

Nobody irons daily at home, so we do not want to have the iron tumbling when we are not using it. The simplest solution is to reserve a space in a large closet, either in the living room, in the kitchen or in a bedroom, you can even have it in the bathroom or in the typical built-in closet in the corridor.

Have you run out of free holes? You can use a heat-resistant box (although it is always best to keep it completely cold) that is pretty, with a cheerful or elegant design , to be placed on a shelf, on the rack of the entrance or on the lower shelf of the living room table.

Another option is to hide it in a seat with concealed storage, a decorative basket in the living room or in the drawers under the bed. There are also structures to hang behind a closet door , which can also be paired with the table.

The removable shelves are a good storage solution to incorporate into the kitchen, perfect to take advantage of narrow gaps in which a closet does not fit. You can store the iron and other cleaning tools and products.

3. Mini tables and portable models

The ironing board is one of those “dead” that seem useless most of the time, and to top it all they take up a lot of space. If your house is very small (or you have it full) consider moving to a mini-size or portable format.

They are so small that you can keep them even under the bed or the sofa, and you only need a table to place it at the time of ironing. Another option even faster is the magnetic blankets for ironing, perfect to spread on the washer or dryer and iron quickly as you finish the laundry .

If your iron is powerful and easy to handle, equipped with steam technology, it will take so little time to finish with the wrinkles that these solutions can be perfect on the smallest floors.

4. Turn the living room into your corner of the iron

For example, adapting the typical mobile kitchen island, or a larger waitress-cart . It is easy to place the ironing board on top (or you can use a laptop) and place nice baskets in the lower spaces to store the iron and part of the laundry, out of sight.

A great solution in homes that revolve around the living room is to integrate the corner of the iron here. There are very nice little furniture that can be adapted without breaking the aesthetics of the space , and you can make your own.

With wheels they become small mobile structures that you can move at will around the room, and they will even serve as support and extra space in events with guests or if you have a lot of mess in the kitchen. Place a plant in one of the holes to give it another more deco and natural touch, add decorative vinyl, painted fabrics or look for a nice cover for the board that goes with your style.

5. Everything on the wall

Maybe you can not dedicate a large space to dedicate a fixed to the laundry, but you have a workshop, a small storage room, a large pantry, the washing machine room … do you think there is no space for the iron? Try a solution to attach everything to the wall .

There are many ingenious systems that adapt to any space , from simple racks where the table fits to specific structures with space for the iron. If you have more space you can install a special closet, narrow bottom; the table is installed to store it with a draw system with which to save maximum space.

6. Furniture that hide

If your house is very small or you prefer directly to have the corner of the iron completely out of sight, you can choose to hide it inside a piece of furniture. They can be installed in cupboards or cabinets in the living room, in the kitchen or in the dining room , thanks to an internal mechanism that allows you to remove and re-hide the table in a few movements.

You can order it to measure to fit your furniture or look for a new piece of furniture already designed to fit in the room you prefer; they exist of very different measures and you can even have hidden a whole station of casting and crafts inside the same piece of furniture.

7. Easier still: the advantages of a compact ironing center

In the background, having a special room dedicated only to laundry is losing a valuable space when it is not a stay that you are going to take advantage of or enjoy. In the past, we had to dedicate many hours a week to have the perfect clothes, but nowadays technology makes it easier and easier to dedicate the minimum time and effort to household chores.

The Braun CareStyle Compact ironing center can be the ideal option for not having to give up a good ironing system, no matter how small your home. Its compact design, the smallest of the brand, is designed to adapt to any space thanks to its award-winning vertical design since it saves 50% of space .

With the DoubleSteam system , you can save 50% of the time of ironing with a single stroke of
steam, thanks to the fact that the vapor index is 100% higher, and the FreeGlide 3D bidirectional sole allows a much simpler, faster and smoother handling by any surface of the garment. It also adapts automatically to all types of fabrics to finish with wrinkles in less time.

Inspired by snowboards, it glides effortlessly over buttons and zippers without getting stuck, even backwards. In addition, it has Smart iCare technology that protects your garments with a safe temperature for all types of fabrics – for intelligent textile protection and without wasting time heating or cooling the iron. And if you do not have time to remove the table, you can iron directly in vertical with the hanging clothes taking advantage of the power of the steam, an ideal solution for retouching or small wrinkles.