How to save going to the movies?

How to save going to the movies?

Image result for watch movies at homeSince September 2012, going to the cinema is a bit more expensive due to the VAT increase that now stands at 21%. Despite this, some initiatives have been born to deal with these measures and encourage cultural consumption. One of them is the Festival of Cinema, which in its November 2014 edition brought together 2.19 million people and some 1.6 million viewers in the last edition of May. To achieve these astronomical figures, the price of movie tickets was lowered by 52%, according to data from the European Audiovisual Observatory, in 2014 the average cost of entry into Spain was 6 euros – that is, 2.9 € per ticket.

Again, this month, this initiative returns on Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 November, which will allow to attend the cinemas for only 2.9 €. If you want to enjoy movie tickets at a small price, we recommend that you acquire your accreditation through the Fiesta del Cine website. Once you have this accreditation, you can buy your ticket in the usual way (at the ticket office, ATMs or online) presenting your accreditation to make the discount.

What to do to go to the cinema cheaper??

For these three days of November, this interesting proposal is active but, what to do to go to the cinema cheaper when the Film Festival is not available? Attentive to these tricks to be able to enjoy the movies of the moment:

  1. First of all, try to go to the cinema on the day of the spectator , which depending on the cinema, is usually a Monday or a Wednesday. This way you can save between 2 and 3 euros with respect to the usual entrance and you will surely avoid crowds.
  2. -We know that popcorn and drink like a lot, but be careful because sometimes its price is the same as the movie ticket! In some rooms, you can bring your own drink and this will allow you to save a few more euros for the next entry.
  3. – If you are one of those who need to go to the cinema very often ask for loyalty cards because you can surely accumulate points redeemable for tickets or drinks and popcorn.
  4. -Permanencetento the promotions and offers available to some theaters . In the Cinesa for example you ecxiste the option to see pre-owned movies at very low prices (between 3 and 4 euros). In Yelmo, for example, they offer a significant discount if you avoid sessions with more people. And in the Boxes, they project great classics and you can buy 5 passes in which each ticket costs you 5 euros.

As in Vivus we love cinema, we want to participate in this interesting initiative and therefore Vivus will be present at the Film Festival in two cinemas in Madrid: in Kinépolis Madrid, Ciudad de la Imagen and in Cinesa Méndez Álvaro. During the days that this party lasts (3, 4 and 5 November) there will be a Vivus stand in these two cinemas. There will be information about our microloans and you can also make an application for a loan . Come to the movies and take a Vivus micro loan!

And do you like to go to the movies? What do you think of proposals such as the Film Festival? What has been your experience? Share your opinion and leave us a comment!