How and when to choose between iPad Pro and a laptop

Apple has introduced the new model of iPad Pro 2018 . A team completely renovated inside and out, to adapt to the needs of the professional sector (or Apple’s most demanding users) who seek the versatility and portability of an iPad, but with plenty of power to manage and use applications more demanding in their day to day. An iPad Pro 2018 loaded with new features that we analyzed before reaching the very controversial question that we all ask ourselves about whether the new iPad Pro 2018 may or may not replace a laptop.

News of the iPad Pro 2018

The new iPad Pro 2018 incorporates a Liquid Retina screen with ProMotion technology that is constantly adjusted to show us very vivid colors and more intense blacks. This new screen occupies the entire surface of the iPad thanks to Apple has decided to leave the physical button, for a new version of Face ID that we could see on the iPhone X. A very interesting change for those design professionals , draughtsmen, photographers or those who need a bigger screen to work without limits.

Another change that incorporates the new iPad Pro 2018 to meet the needs of professionals, is the change of connection Lightning to which we had accustomed Apple, for the USB-C connection. A standard in the industry, with which we can connect directly to the iPad Pro 2018 our accessories or equipment to work directly with them. At the moment we talk about cameras or videos, 5K monitors, recharge equipment such as the iPhone, keyboards, speakers and it is very possible that in the future, even hard drives to store or have information.

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But the real change of the iPad Pro 2018 is in the power of the Bionic A12X chip . Apple has manufactured the most powerful processor created to date, able to perform up to 5 billion operations per second and even learn from our own routines, adapting without problems to the demand peaks of the most demanding professional applications such as AutoCad or Photoshop, or everyday actions such as browsing safari or sending messages that do not require much power. A change that is possible thanks to the structure of this A12X Bionic chip, which consists of:

  • 6-core CPU: Formed by two performance cores that take care of the most complex calculation tasks to free the four efficiency cores, which are responsible for the most common processes. Which translates into more power and performance.
  • 4-core GPU: For graphics performance of games, video editing and apps with a lot of graphics, improving up to 50% on the iPhone X.
  • 8 neural nuclei: A chip capable of recognizing patterns, making predictions and based on previous experiences of use. In other words: learn almost like you, but is able to make 5 Billion operations per second.

Accessories of the new iPad Pro 2018

A new iPad Pro 2018 deserved the update of the accessories that make it a complete professional team. The new Apple Pencil 2 and the new Smart Keyboard Folio are completely renewed after going through the design department of Jony Ive (in charge of those perfect Apple designs), with features fully adapted to the new iPad Pro 2018.

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Apple Pencil 2 for iPad Pro

For many it is just another accessory, for others a work tool, but of course the Apple Pencil has been and will be one of the best accessories of the iPad. Not only for the versatility that gives a team of these characteristics the power to underline or mark, but for all the possibilities it offers to workers in the design environment, model with, digital retouching, artists and a long list of people who use it in your day to day.

The new Apple Pencil 2 is a totally new device. No charging ports (it does it magnetically when connected to the iPad), with more ergonomic surfaces, with better response and with a programmable touch surface for the most daily actions that will improve our productivity. Very technical words to say that the new Apple Pencil 2 is new, faster and better than the previous one, with a lot of potential as we are using it.

Smart Keyboard Folio

Apple has renewed the case with keyboard for the new iPad Pro 2018. A renewal that goes through a much finer design than the previous one (hence the folio), which has a new Smart Connector that transfers data and energy to the keyboard, and whose keys have a greater pulsation response.

Apple has decided that this time its case with keyboard covers the back of the iPad Pro. A request from many users who saw as with the previous model needed a second case to protect it from scratches or bumps. If the new iPad Pro 2018 is all screen, this accessory becomes a must that turns the iPad into the monitor of our small but powerful computer.

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Can the iPad Pro 2018 replace a laptop?

In the same way that in 2007 appeared the first iPhone model completely changing society and how to relate to it. With the arrival of the first iPad, something similar happened when a new content and navigation consumption model was created, until it was incorporated as another tool in the educational and work environment, although in the latter case, for short periods or as backup to our portable equipment. Now with the launch of the iPad Pro 2018 the brand aims to revolutionize the traditional concept of computer but, is it true that can replace it?

The answer to such a question is not an easy task as you can imagine. It all depends on how you use a PC, the compatibility of the applications you use in your work, but above all the expertise and desire to change your way of working .

On the one hand we have a team whose power and storage, reaching the latter at TeraByte, places it at the same level or above the vast majority of laptops in terms of performance and performance. However iOS and in particular the applications that many professional users need, have not yet adapted to the operating system of the iPad and that may be a great “but” that may not be so serious if we consider the immediate launch of several professional applications like Photoshop, Lightroom or AutoCad that will take full advantage of the new iPad Pro.

We for our part have been working exclusively with the iPad Pro for quite some time and there has not been any single occasion where we have been limited by using it. Not at the time of writing, or edit images, or layout any of our articles. But as we said at the beginning, everything depends on the applications that you need to use, the expertise you have and the desire to do it.