Film Festival in the Alpine Museum!

Image result for Bergfilm FestivalOne week before the official start of the 16th Bergfilm Festival, the team of the Tegernsee Film Festival comes to the Alpine Museum on the Prater Island.

The Bergfilm-Festival takes place in Tegernsee . The guests can expect a colorful program of various mountain sports films, it goes on a journey into dream worlds, in the past and more than once in very airy heights.

For a selected audience the mountain spectacle starts a week earlier – in the middle of Munich. On October 10th at 7.30 pm the Preview takes place in the Alpine Museum on the Prater Island : Three complete films and excerpts from three further productions are on the program.

Imagination: Tom Wallisch

Dave Mossop | Sherpa’s Cinema | Canada | English

We all used to be the kid who sits in the back of the parents’ car and desperately wants to be somewhere else. Dreams get wings and come alive on a ride through a snowy British Columbia location.

A small film with great impact and strong message. A film that develops quietly and shows a spectacular action, without putting it as a bang effect in the foreground. That works so convincingly because everything moves between dream and reality. Anyone who has had the privilege of developing a passion (such as skiing) as a child needs to open their hearts when looking at it. Not for nothing was this charming short film even nominated for the Oscar.


Sand Climbing – The Seventies

Karel Vlcek | Czech Republic | Czech / UT english

The material was stored in a garage for 50 years, until Karel Vlcek recently rediscovered it and put it together for a remarkable documentary. Recorded between 1968 and 1973, the photographs and 16-millimeter film sequences impressively show what was going on in the climbing scene in Sandstone, Czech Republic.


En vol vers les 8000 (In flight to the eight-thousanders)

Antoine Girard | France | French / UT German

With tent and paraglider Antoine Girard wants to cross the north of Pakistan. On his own, in 19 days he flies more than 1200 kilometers over the breathtaking mountain ranges of the Karakoram. He reaches a height of 8157 meters and even manages to see the Broad Peak from above. A daring move that Antoine Girard was voted “Adventurer of the Year” by National Geographic in 2017.


Hansjörg Auer – No turning back

Damiano Levati | Storyteller Labs, Matteo Vettorel | Italy | English / UT German

He has perfected the solo climbing like no other and his solo ascent of the “way through the fish” at the Marmolada made Hansjörg Auer famous. But the hardest thing is not the ascent, he says, but the way home. Only then will he realize how existentially important it is to have a relationship. A powerful yet sophisticated insight into an unusual life.


Tierra del Viento (Land of the Wind)

Laura Belinky | Wild River Films Limited | Great Britain / Argentina | Spanish / UT German

Patagonia. Almost farther south than our thoughts reach, there is a land of infinite vastness and beauty. When photographer Eliseo Miciu sets out on a journey of discovery, he not only finds many mystical places and unique motifs, he also learns a lot about himself.


Retrospective Norman Dyhrenfurth

Andreas Nickel / Jürgen Czwienk / explorermedia | German

The traditional retrospective at Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival this year is dedicated to the great mountain film pioneer, expedition leader and mountaineer Norman Dyhrenfurth, who died a year ago at the age of 99. Marked by his father Oskar G. Dyhrenfurth, a major Himalayan pioneer of the 1930s, he was already able to accompany the Swiss Everest Expedition as cameraman in 1952. In 1963 he succeeded as an expedition leader to bring the first American to the highest peak on Earth. The film about this venture is shown in full length in Tegernsee. In the preview, various episodes from the life of Norman Dyhrenfurth can be seen.

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